Get A List-Building System Done By 5pm So You Can Grow Your Business

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Get it done in 1 Day

You know growing your email list will grow your business.

Now you're looking for a clear, easy path to get the system done so you can grow your email list.

You've thought about hiring it out.

But that can be expensive... and finding good, reliable help can be be hard.

You've thought about watching a bunch of videos

But that takes forever... it's hard to find what you're looking for & get support

You've thought about buying a course

But which one? Who is qualified for your specific situation, giftings, and tech?

You're ready to finally get leads and grow your list - but without getting bogged down in the tech.

What if you dedicated a few hours to getting it

100% Done and Launched?

Imagine how good that would feel.


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Click the button to sign up for the Funnel By Five (FB5) Workshop


Block off your calendar for a "B-Day" (your "Build-Day"... the day you'll get your funnel done).


In just ONE day ... get your list building system done so you can grow your business.

Here's Everything That's Included:

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The Funnel By 5 Event ($497 Value)

The List Building Bootcamp ($47 Value)

The FB Ads Setup Mini-Course ($47 Value)

High Converting Funnel Training ($97 Value)

Total Value: $688. Today's Price: just $27

Here's exactly what you'll learn in the FB5 Workshop:

The most effective type of lead magnet your audience is craving.

How to write great headlines and subheadlines to skyrocket your conversions.

How to use a "mini-epiphany" bridge to connect with your audience and built trust right from the start

How to write "benefit bullets" (just like these) that increase desire and curiosity ... and increase your opt-in percentage

How to make your opt-in funnel "traffic ready" so you can confidently send paid traffic to your funnel... knowing it will convert.

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Hey, my name is Cody and I'm kinda obsessed with list building!

My wife, Christy, is pretty cool too :)

Since starting my digital agency I've helped lots of entrepreneurs, course creators, coaches, and experts explode their lists with simple 2-step opt in funnels.

But I also practice what I preach.

Here are some of the recent results from my own opt in funnels:

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You see, I've never encountered a business that closed its' doors because it was generating too many qualified leads.

And I believe that the ability to create leads on-demand is the most important skill to master.


I've met far too many online business owners that want to build their list but get bogged down in the tech, or get overwhelmed trying to put the pieces together.

Which means they give up. Growth stagnates. Their goals aren't reached.

So I'm doing something about it.

I created a program to help you get a list building system built so you can grow your business.

No more excuses.

It doesn't matter what tech you're using (Kajabi, Kartra, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, ConvertKit, Keap, Active Campaign, etc)...

As long as you have a basic knowledge of your page builder and your email system... you'll be set.

Here's how it will work:

After you sign up for the FB5 Workshop, you'll get immediate access to the Workshop videos in the course portal.

First, I'm going to make sure you have a high-desire lead magnet to attract your perfect person to your list.

Then, I'm going to help you get traffic ready. Meaning, whenever you're ready to run paid ads you'll be confident knowing your tracking pixels are set up correctly.

(Not sure what I'm talking about... no worries! I walk you through it all in the workshop!)

Choose Your "Build-Day" & Get it Done.

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You might be wondering...

What kind of funnel are we building?

We're building a 2-step list building system. Step 1 is to offer the "magnet" in exchange for their email address. Step 2 (the thank you page) will act as a "handoff" to your next offer (book a call, buy a course... whatever your business does).

What technology / software will I need?

You need a landing page builder such as LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Kartra, Unbounce, Wordpress, etc (any landing page builder will work!).
And a way to send emails (ConvertKit, Infusionsoft/Keap, Active Campaign, etc).

I'm not very "techy"... will this be too advanced for me?

Not a problem. You'll be fine. I walk you through step by step, hour by hour so you can build your funnel.

I don't have a lead magnet yet. Is that OK?

No problem! I'm including a List Building Bootcamp to help you create a high-desire lead magnet to use with your funnel.

Do I have to run ads?

No. I'm going to teach you a special method I use called "The PTPost" post to get your first 50-100 leads with no ad spend.

Why just $27?

I love list building so much that I want to help as many people build a list so they can grow a business. I didn't want money to stand in the way.

Who is this for?

This 1-day challenge is for anyone who needs more leads to grow their business. If you're a course creator, membership site owner, coach, consultant, expert (anyone who needs leads, frankly)... this 1-Day Challenge is for you!

When do I get access?

Immediately. The workshop is on-demand. Sign up, then pick a day where you're going to build your funnel and get it done!



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